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Better Together: Supporting Affordable Mental Health

Updated: May 26

Oakwell is dedicated to making high-quality mental health care accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our sliding scale fee structure ensures that individuals and families can access the support they need without financial strain. However, providing affordable therapy while compensating our clinicians at competitive market rates is a balancing act. That's where your support can make a significant difference.

When you donate to Oakwell, your contribution directly offsets the cost of therapy for sliding scale clients. This means that your generosity enables us to maintain our commitment to affordability while ensuring that our talented clinicians are compensated fairly for their expertise and dedication.

By supporting Oakwell, you are not only helping individuals and families access vital mental health services, but you are also empowering our clinicians to continue their essential work. Your donation makes it easier for our clinicians to take on clients facing financial hardships who may not have private coverage, ensuring that no one is turned away due to an inability to pay.

Thank you for considering a donation to Oakwell. Your generosity helps us continue our mission of transforming lives through accessible and affordable mental health care.

Your support allows us to expand our reach, serve more individuals in need, and create a healthier, more resilient community for everyone. 

For more information or to discuss other ways to support Oakwell Mental Health Services Inc, please contact:

Other ways you can help Oakwell's mission

1. Help break the stigma: Spread awareness and advocate for mental health by sharing Oakwell's mission with your network. Together, we can break down barriers and support those in need of care.

2. Host an event or campaign to raise funds for Oakwell. Every dollar you raise helps us reach more individuals in need.


3. Volunteer: Join Oakwell's dedicated team and contribute your time and skills to support our mission of accessible mental health care.

4. Shop online through FlipGive using team # P7P7FF. A portion of your purchases will be donated to Oakwell. It's an easy way to support us while you shop.

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