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Art Therapy

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Art Therapy

Art therapy combines traditional psychotherapy techniques with art-based processes. The goal of art therapy is to use the creative process for self-exploration, reflection, and understanding. As a society, we often rely heavily on verbal methods of communication and can neglect to appreciate the many other ways we can communicate and connect with each other. Art therapy uses art materials to create colors, images, and shapes to communicate thoughts and emotions that would otherwise be difficult to express.


Art therapy can be used in session as an immediate self-regulating tool or as a tool to highlight your thoughts and feelings. This type of therapy is for everyone, regardless of age, identity, ability, or artistic skill level. Art therapy provides the opportunity to view one’s struggles externally to create self-compassion, develop coping strategies, increase self-awareness and self-confidence, and work towards a brighter future.


Additionally, you can refer to the Canadian Art Therapy Association website for more general information about art therapy at

Explore how Art Therapy can benefit you and determine if it aligns with your needs by reaching out to our Art Therapist, Kristen McKinnon (Peach):

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